About Me

Evan is a Amateur Men's Physique competitor and Certified Personal/Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach who is devoted to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from reaching and feeling awesome. He is determined to build confidence and instill knowledge into his clients to help them achieve and reinvent what Health and Wellness means to them while achieving their goals.

Evan was born in Ontario Canada. He is of Anishnaabe ancestry from Lake Simcoe and believes anything is possible. He has grown up with a passion for being active. He began being active in sports such as basketball and lacrosse until he one day met the gym inside his local High school during a course that pertained to fitness. That day forward he began to fall in love with the gym and began to be active in learning more about it outside of class. He was so in love that he became a regular user of the gym and even had a nickname of Arnie 2.0 from fellow class mates.  Within a year of learning he became the teachers go to when other teens asked about certain exercises and nutritional needs. Evan has 6 years of exercise and first hand experience as well as 2 years as a Certified Coach who deals with personal one on one training and nutritional programming. He also intends to do a program in Massage Therapy to further his knowledge and to help his clients in even a bigger way.


Evan has worked with a wide array of clients of varying ages and varying fitness proficiency. He has an in-depth shed full of tools for any fitness need and combines this with his knowledge and expert nutritional implementations of attainable training systems to help his clients reach their goals. He uses varying training methods such as conditioning, resistance and weight lifting in order to keep the workouts fun but also prevent plateaus for his clients.

Evan wants to inspire and instill the positivity to have people excel to be their best, and strongest self possible. With Evan's love and experience in health and wellness he has helped people overcome barriers in nutrition and exercise among others to build their knowledge and body confidence alongside their mental toughness to achieve what they once thought was unattainable. His goal is to inspire youth and humans of all ages that no matter what race or religion you are that that is never a barrier to you being healthy and reaching your goals. He has dealt with different forms of racism in the past and believes in breaking down those barriers through helping others live and feel better.


Commit to working with Evan as a team and watch you become healthier, happier and more mental tough as you see your  positivity increase and goals become crushed.