My Certifications

IFA-Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

This certification brings to the table the Basic Fundamentals of group session choreography and Injury Prevention while incorporation of the proper knowledge of goal targeting and how and when it comes to weight training. It offers the trainer in depth knowledge of client safety and muscle anatomy.

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

It's no secret - fitness training has been proven to prevent disease, strengthen your health and improve your confidence and outlook on life. As a certified fitness trainer, I'm deeply trained in everything from muscle mechanics to flexibility and cardiovascular dynamics. So if you want to live a stronger and more confident life, I've got the training and the expertise to help you every step of the way.

ISSA Specialist in Sports Nutrition

A good exercise program is only half the story. Equally important is proper nutrition. Synthesizing a cutting-edge, scientifically sound diet and nutrition regimen will radically increase the effectiveness of your exercise training sessions. As a certified specialist in this area, I can help you reach your performance goals faster than you'd previously imagined possible.

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 1 is a certification that is well respected for being the best when it comes to the methodology and science of nutrition and behavior changes. The benefit of working with me is I have the knowledge and understanding to not only help reach your goals but help teach you about mindset and how it influences how exercise and food consumption may make you feel so that we can as a team make long-term sustainable changes.

Online Trainer - Online Trainer Academy Level 1 & 2

The Online Trainer Academy is the world's first and only online personal training course and certification created specifically to teach personal trainers how to take their fitness business online and help clients build and attain their goals no matter where or what is going on. (Covid-19)